import CSV/XLS

You can import your clients from an Excel file converted into CSV file. To do that click on the import options in the list navigation bar

Next, you need to download a CSV template that will be used for importing. Remember that clientlist can only import two types of lists:

  1. A list with just a single column (for example with client names)
  2. A list with data about clients

If you decide to upload more information you need to use our CSV template. In our CSV template, you will find the order of a column. Please be aware that our system will important data correctly if they will be in the specific column. You don't have to import all the information if you don't have or want to skip it just leaves it blank but keep the column order correctly:



After the column called the Event description, you can add as many columns as you want with custom data. All the data here will be analyzed and converted into a type that fits the entered information.

Please remember that the first line is reserved for names if you want and you need to add the name of the data just do that in a first row. When you will be ready convert your EXCEL to CSV file and upload it to the system. The system will analyze the data and import it:



You can't leave this page and come back if you entered a lot of records. The system can do that in minutes or hours because of that. On the summary screen, you will find information about how many records were uploaded and how many of them were rejected. The rejection of the records can be connected with:

  • A wrong data type in a field
  • An empty name field
  • A binary or break lines found in the field
  • A system setting (duplication of records) 
  • a wrong formatting
  • A broken file