List view

A list can be a simple thing. Every record can contain only a name of your client and that's it, but what if you need to see more! That's why we developed a system which allows every user to create a view which help them to instantly catch the most important information:

The simple list looks like that:

When you select a design option you can choose data you want to display on the list:

The lists are dynamic, you can edit all the fields (except the name) by clicking the area next to a piece of information you want to change. For example, let's change the description in one of the presented records:

The most important records can be tagged with a star. A star record will always appear on top of the list helping you to track information better. 

We also developed a "quick action bar" that allows you to add specific data you actually need without going into a client card. The quick action bar is described in other sections of this wiki.