Email client

Clientlist can be used as siple marketing and information system that will allow you to send clients specific informations that you need. It was designed as a simple future that helps to keep a momentum with clients. All the email from the system are send from a clientlist system account, but with a name of your list as sender. Before you start using that option we suggest you to go to settings section and configure the sender name, reply-to or/add add your own SMTP gateway. We suggest it but it's not necessary, we add this to keep a communication even more professional. 

When and how you can send email to clients:


You can use autoresponder (in settings):

If you use autoresponder every client added to that list will receive this email at this occasion


You can send email to client directly (from client card):

By clicking the option on a client card. This option will appear only when a client has an email address added

When you click the window appear and you can select multiple options:

You can add a sender name, title, message and attach the file. When message will be sent to client we will add this information to notes and it will look like that:



This way you can track who send information to whom and about what.


You can send email to a group of clients or selected clients (from list view):

You can trigger this option on a list view by clicking here:

or select clients and use this option:

When you select it the window appears when you can adjust your group email option:

This way you can send clients a group messages.

The Email marketing module has some futures that will help you to do things faster and in teams. Below you can find some options for this module you can use:


Attachments library:

Every single file added or generated within the client record is saved in a files section. You can upload their files, you can create invoices, offers and so on and it all be saved there. To help you use those files we added an attachment functionality that is connected with the files section. You can upload files to email, but you can also select files from the library. This way you will be able to send lats invoice contract just with selecting it from the list:



Messages templates are very useful. When you create a first message to a client you can save it as a template. Next time you want to send a similar message you just select a template from the list and that's it. You can then create a library of templates that other users of the list can user: