Client card

The client list allows you to collect data from your clients, but what if you want to collect more information about him like notes, additional information, sales, calendart events and so on. That's why you can find a client card added to every single client on your list. A client list looks like that:

On the left side, you will fina a client details, on the right side some additional modules dedicated to a specific part of the business. You can drag&drop those modules and arrange them in a way that makes the work with the data as most comfortable as you need in your business. At the top of every client card is a summary bar, where you will find a quick summary of all the used modules and shortcuts to most important options:

If you don't need it you can always close it with use of a hide/show option in the client card navigation bar:

In this bar you will find also some useful options:


Send an SMS message to the client:

This option is available only when a phone number is provided


Send an EMAIL message to the client:

This option is available only when a phone number is provided


Copy client to other lists:

The client data will be copied to other lists you have access to


Copy client to other lists:

If you have two clients that are the same, you can merge them. The system will analyze the data on both records and create one with the most accurate information range as possible.


Print documents:

This option allows you to print a PDF with specific documents about the client, like envelope for example


Tag clients:

Tagging can be useful, tags and colors allow you to recognize a client's nature faster. 


Client picture:

You can also add client pictures and replace auto-generated gravatar. Just click the logo