When you deal with clients sometimes you need to send him documents like PDF offer, a contract, a service or project description. Preparation of these documents consume time and in most cases, you just need to replace the data in the already developed document. The things get. even more complicated when you add here to your employees. They are asking about the current version of a file and the nightmare begins. That's why we developed a contract module, so you can manage your company documents and generate customized files with a click of a button. This will improve especially the life of your sales and customer support people:

You will find a Contract module here:

To start click generate a contract. To start you need to set up your first contract template. Click the Manage templates button

When you get into the templates screen you need to click the "Add contract template". You will see something like that:

Ok so creating a template will consume some of your time because you need to do that carefully, but ones you create it a document generation is just a click of a button. There is couple of things you need to know about the template generation. When you need to use a piece of information from a client data simply use a markdown with AUTO sentence in the bracket. For example:

[AUTO_NAME] - Will fill the name from the client card

[AUTO_TELEPHONE] - will take the phone from client details

and so on, you can use both standard names but also custom fields names.

That's not all, you can create your own parameters, simply write them in brackets []. When . you or other users will generate the document. the system will ask them to fulfill that information manually. See the example below and later check how it looks. So we created the first template, we see that a "Standard contract" template is on the list:

If you create templates you can go back to your client card and click generate contract again. You will now see a list of templates you need to choose. So let's generate a Standard contract for a client:

Because we used our own parameters now the system will ask us to enter them:

We can also decide if we want to add this generated PDF file to files. So we can use them in other modules as well. When we Generate contract it will appear on our list:

We can change the status of the contract ., this is a simple but effective feature. What's more important is the PDF file which was generated. When you click on the contract you can see the generated PDF file with data used from the client details:

This a simple document, but it can be designed with your needs, with colors, tables, logos. You need to use a markdown language to have it more beautifull: