When you deal with clients, your main goal is to generate profit. If you want to do that in a legal way you need to create a payment document for the client so he can pay you. That's why we developed an invoicing system that will allow you to generate and send invoices to clients on your list. We did that so you can keep everything in one place. You will find the invoicing module here:

You can add invoice by clicking the "Add invoice" button on a client card, or you can use a shortcut on a list using aquick action bar

The window will appear where you can set all the details for the invoice:

When you complete this form and add an invoice it will be saved on an invoices list on a client card:

When you click an invoice number you will be able to download a PDF file:

If you want to check a list of all generated invoices you can use an invoices summary option which you can find here:

A summary will give you a list of all invoices and summarize the payment status:

To makes this module useful for you we added here some features:


Feature 1: Invoice number control

For accounting purposes, it's important to keep control over the document number. When you work in a team especially you can't just find out what invoice number you should use. That's why invoices have an auto numeration option. This option will define the next free number of invoices and add them for you. You can, of course, overwrite it with your own number, but with this feature, you will keep control over the situation


Feature 2: Auto sending invoice to clients

If you need to send an invoice to client you can do that directly when you're adding invoice. Just check a box below and an invoice will be sent as an attachment to an email. This option will be active only when the client has an email address in his details


Feature 3: Payment tracking

You can track the payment status, by changing the information about the current situation. This will help you to define who owns your money


Feature 4: Invoices added to files

Because files are used in a system as a repository of all document which you can use with system functionality, we're adding an invoice PDF file to a files repository ones it's generated:

When the invoices are added to files you can simply use it when needed, for example, if you want to send an email message with an invoice to client you simply choose it from files. You don't have to download it and attach it again to a message:


Feature 5: Recurring invoices generator

If you want to set up automatic invoice generation because you're selling, for example, a subscription service. You can do that with the use of a recurring option next to a sales record. Please check a tutorial about Sales module and a feature with recurring services:


Company details for the invoice generator

To set up the details for invoices, company details you need to set them in list settings. Go to list settings section: